Zodiac 601XL A Plans Built Experimental Airplane
Daniel Dempsey
Updated: April 19, 2013
Corvair Engine

My son Andrew with the Engine Complete with Transmission and they through in the axles Before! SU Carberator From 1959 MG Home Made Wooden Valve Spring Compressor Painted Valve Covers
Valve Cover Prob Hub in the Lathe Making the Prop Hub in my Dad's Shop Prob Hub in the Milling Machine Cleaned Up Parts Forged Piston from Clarkes
Piston Pin Vise Press Jig Piston Cylinder Assembly Fixture Crank End Drill and Tap Guide Trial Assembly Prop Hub on Crank Prop Hub and FlyWheel Engine Block Assembly Fixture
Assembling the Cylinders to the Block Crank Case Assembled Engine Mounted to table for assembly Installing Head Distributor Modification Crank and Cam Lubed
Block Assembly Designing Air Baffles Air Vent Modification Replacing Paper with Aluminum Engine On Test Stand Exhaust Flange Cones
SU Carberator Front View SU Carberator Side View Temporary Air Filter Housing Mixture Linkage Throttle Linkage Breather
Oil Cooler Laser Thermometer First Start! Fifth Bearing Distributor Inards Before Dual Points
Safety Wire Carb Banjo Fitting