Zodiac CH601 XL
A Plans Built Experimental Airplane
Daniel Dempsey
Updated: June 28, 2014
Flight Testing

On this page I'll record the certification and fligt testing process.
The first flight was on June 6th 2014.
Now I'm working on engine issues that arose on the first flight.

Data Plate Data Plate Drawing Zenith 601XL Flight Training! "Fire Truck"
Moving to the Airport Wide Open Throttle Test! Flight Test Plan Fast Taxi Video
Here's a checklist I made of the final steps in the project prior to flight.

Buy Ground Insurance
Get Medical Renewed
Move to the Airport

Readjust Rudder Cables
Finish Canopy Installation
Install Battery Shutoff
Put Wings On
******** Lineup and install bolts
******** Torque Nuts
******** Terminal Ends On Wires
******** Finish Wiring Including Aileron Trim
******** Finish Fuel Line Plumbing
******** Install Flaps
******** Install Ailerons
******** Install Mass Balance Weights
******** Adjust Flaps and Ailerons
******** Adjust Cable Tension
******** Wire Tie Aileron Cables
******** Install LRI probe
******** Install Pito
******** Install Wing Root Fairing
******** Install Gas Tank Vent Tubes
******** Install Gas Tank Drains
******** Nutplate Access Covers
******** Install Access Covers
Bleed Brakes
Weight and Balance
First Engine Run

********Oil Pressure: Good
********Ignition Timing: One coil isn't working. FIXED
********Points Dwell: Good 0.019"
********Oil Temp: Reading Low
********CHTs: Reading Low FIXED
********Fuel Flow: Fixed
********Electric Fuel Pump: Fixed
********Mechanical Fuel Pump: Fixed
********Mixture Control: Fixed using Different Carb Needle
********Throttle Control: Good
Low Voltage Warning Light
Electrical Checkout
********Clock: Working
********Hobbs: Working
********Dimmer: Working
********Oil Temp: Reading Low
********EGT: Reading Low FIXED!
********CHT: Reading Low FIXED!
********Overtemp: Working
********Oil Pressure: Working
********Low Oil Warn: Working
********Voltage: Working
******** Low Voltage: Complete
********Ignition Switcher: Working
********Starter Switch: Working
********Main Switch: Working
********Transponder: Unknown
********Radio Reciever: Fixed!.. The big diversion!

********Radio Transmitter: Fixed!
********GPS: Working
********Fuel Gauges: Working
********Fuel Pressure Gauge: Working
********Fuel Pump Indicator: Working
********Fuel Gauge Selector: Working
********Fuel Tank Selector: Working
********EFIS: Working
********Tachometer: Working
********Fuel/Air Ratio Gauge: Fixed
********Intercom: Working
********ELT: Working
********Nav Lights: Working
********Strobe Lights: Working
********Taxi Light: Working
********Landing Light: Working
********Roll Trim: Working
********Pitch Trim: Indicator Backward
********Vertical Card Compass: Fixed
********Air Speed: Working
********Altimeter: Working
********LRI: Unknown
Put Experimental Stickers On
Finish Maintenance Manual

Finish Operators Manual
Flight Test Plan
WOT Climb Attitude Test
Fuel Flow Test
Flight Training
FAA Documentation
Last Details Remaining
********Dynamic Balance Propeller
********Update GPS Maps
********Batteries in ELT
********Buy Flight Insurance
******** Transponder Test
********Test for Fuel Leeks
********Submit Paperwork
********Color stripes on Gauges
********Print Outs for Inspection
FAA Inspection
Taxi Tests
Flight Tests!