Zodiac CH601 XL
A Plans Built Experimental Airplane
Daniel Dempsey
Updated: February 24, 2008

Planning the Brake Line Path Back End Rear View of the bottom half Seat Bottom Bottom Half
Elevator Fairing Masking Self Etching Primer Paper Top Skin Guide Firewall Center Firewall Detail
In Progress Saw Horses Bottom Joining the front and back ELT access
Sides Rivetted Access Cover Ls Home Made Copper Rivets Rivetted Rear Aft Close Up
Firewall Aft Firewall Front Cabin Floor Motormount Brackets Landing Gear Tunnel Parts
Joggle Flush Rivets Solid Rivet Shop Heads Rivetting Tool Leveling and Aligning
Cable Fairing Die Rear Floor Forming Firewall Rudder Cable Fairing Bottom Box
Wooden Bending Brake Trimming Longeron for Splice Splicing Bottom Longeron Helper Denise with Clecos More Progress
Overlapping Skins Coming Along