A Plans Built Experimental Airplane
Daniel Dempsey
House Gives Birth To Plane Party
The first question people always asked when they heard I was scratch building an airplane in my living room over the last 7 years was always "How are you going to get it out?". That question was finally answered when I gathered family freinds together to help me move the plane out. Here's a collection of photos of the move, and a heart fealth thanks to all the friends and family that made the move so easy.
Living Room Last Day Window To Remove Stuborn Stuborn Finally Budges Out it Comes
Window Removed Removing Antenna Fuselage Moving Lower Please Lots of Help The Hand Off
Wing Moving Wing Moving Out Wing #2 Into the truck Wings and Fuselage Stowed Engine Next
Lots of Hands Trial Fit Truck Loaded No Plane! Grand kids in the truck Temporary Home