Zodiac CH601 XL
A Plans Built Experimental Airplane
Daniel Dempsey
Updated: May 28, 2013
The Paint Job
On this page I will record the processes I used in painting my aircraft.
At the end I'll give a report on the results.
First Cleaning Scrubbed! Alodine Application Marbled Color Conversion Coat Marbled Color on Wing Acid Etched Wing
Marbled Color Conversion Coat Knife Edge Bank! Cradled Alodined Wings Fresh Air Supply Wall Penetrations Air Vent
Ventilation Fan Bottom Fuselage Space Suite Primed Fuselage Primed Covers Primer Materials
Hung Stabelizer Cowling Spot Puddy Little Parts Hung Rudder Pin Holes! Cowling Primed
Aelerons Primed Wings Primed Wing Tip Primed White Paint Cowling Touch of White Rudder White
Straight Line Tape Curved Line Tape Numbers Layout Numbers Edge Tape Numbers Taping Guide Tape Removed
Fuselage Taped Wings Masked Wet Red Paint GOOF RUN! Red Wing Bleed Under!
Bleed Under Number! Cleaned Up Lines After Clean Up Tape Removed Rear Fuselage Front Top Fuselage
Painted Rudder Final Parts Primed Primer Gone Bad! Final Parts Painted Some Runs Paint Complete
Parts Assembled Close Up Hood Front Low View Out Doors! Complete!
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