Zodiac 601XL A Plans Built Experimental Airplane
Daniel Dempsey
Special Tools
Updated: June 20, 2014

Cable Swaging Tool Wooden Valve Spring Compressor Piston/Cylinder Fixture Connecting Rod Piston Pin Jig Stretching the Bungy Work Benches
Saw Horses Home Made Hole Cutter Nose Rib Form Block Flanging Dies Stabelizer Form Blocks Stabelizer Skin Clamps
Fork Bending Tool Fork Bending Tool Beeding Blocks Engine Test Stand Engine Mount Weld Jig Propeller carving Guides
Propeller Balance Fixture Rivetting Tool Bending Blocks Label Maker Cable Fairing Tool and Die Corvair Crank Drill and Tap Guide
Homemade Scale Laser Thermometer Cable Tension Guage Simple Home Made Dimple Die Rivet Removal Press Gunters Quench
Fuel Line Swaging Tool Wing Lifting Fixture Vacuum Cleaner Formed Leading Edge Wooden Bending Brake Edge Landing Light Lens Form Seaming Pliers
Nibblers Tow Bar Joggle Tool Head Scraper